File Structure

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files:

|dist/ (Distrubution only)
|--- assets/
| |--- css/ (CSS files)
| |--- img/ (All images)
| |--- js/ (All images)
| |--- options/ (for theme option files)
| |--- plugins/ (for all necessary plugins)
| |--- scss/ (SCSS files)
|--- All html files (index.html, card.html etc.

Customizing Style

There are 2 basic ways to customize your theme...

i. Compiled CSS

If you want to use Sleek Dashboard "as is", or only need limited customization, feel free to simply include the compiled sleek.css or sleek.min.css file located in the dist/assets/css directory.

ii. Customizing SCSS

This is more versatile and sustainable way to customize Sleek Dashboard. The 2 major benefits of this strategy are using variable overrides (_variables.scss) to easily customize theme styles, plus you never have to touch Bootstrap source, meaning future updates will be much, much, simpler.